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Here's our Amazon list for new Marmoset Owners!

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Welcome to our first blog entry! This is a question we get quite often and thought it would be best to put together a list just in case you need something on the fly and forget where you bought it from. Everything on the list, are items we personally have purchased!


To get things started... When we first purchase our Marmoset, the breeder told us that natural sunlight from a window is "enough" for our twin babies.. however both resulted in vitamin deficiency which broke our hearts. It was recommended by the doctors at UF that diagnosed our baby to purchase a UAV/UVB light. Natural sunlight from a window was NOT enough.

If you've ever owned reptiles, they are similar lights and will work! The biggest we run into is cost... We found these on Amazon for a FRACTION of the cost you'd buy at the big box stores... I wish we knew this hundreds of dollars ago!

** For babies, we recommend 80W **


Marmoset Diet

Next, is a great start and addition to any Marmosets Diet! It's recommended by our Veterinarian and commonly used. Buy them in bulk, because it goes fast!

** For babies, a tablespoon a day is a great addition **



Welcome back to the infant stages! When babies are under a month of age, we feed them on a 2 HOUR ROTATION! By the time they're in your home, they're most likely on a 4 hour formula rotation and beginning to try solids. Every monkey is given a vial of fresh formula in hopes that you'll have time to purchase formula for you're baby. This is the ONLY formula we recommend.. in powder form.

**Amazon does NOT offer this in a 1 pack, we purchase this at our local publix (any grocery store should have this available)**



Marmosets, and exotics in general need enrichment! Enrichment, basically is tasks or providing the animals ways to replicate what they would experience out in the wild. In the wild, Marmosets climb, jump, are inquisitive and mainly forage for their food. Here are some examples of what enrichment might look like:

- Putting snacks in a toddler snack cup like this one

- Toys that allow problem solving like this Basketball hoop

- Mirrors, in the wild they are usually in "troops" and are around other marmosets

- OR just toys because who doesn't like being entertained? Check out any of the below links! Our Marmosets LOVE these toys and will play nonstop all day!


Water Bottles

Marmosets should only be drinking water, and we recommend using glass water bottles, not only for bacterial reasons, but also because Marmosets can't chew on them.

Sometimes if Marmosets don't have enough "enrichment" or are just bored monkeys, they'll begin to chew on things.. Which is why limiting plastic where you can, is recommended.



Heating Pads

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